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Not sure if Open Sesame is good for you?

This 9 simple Yes & No questions will give you in 10 seconds a right idea if Open Sesame is god for you or not.

  1. Do you sometimes wish for the right help to open that difficult Aluminum can or that Glass bottle or that hard plastic screw off top?

    Yes No

  2. Have you ever ask yourself, why every time you need to open a glass bottle you never find the bottle opener in the drawer and wish for it to be there for you to use it right now?

    Yes No

  3. Do you sometimes wish not to have to ask other family members or friends to open any of the daily containers so you can drink some water, beer, juice or soda?

    Yes No

  4. Maybe you don't have any difficulty opening any of the daily containers but do you sometimes wish not to brake or have broken your nail when trying to open some beer, water, soda or juice you have offered to a visitor or even for yourself?

    Yes No

  5. Do you sometimes feel bad when seeing a family member or a friend in pain trying to open any beverage and wished for him/her to have no more pain or difficulty to do it from now on?

    Yes No

  6. Aren't you the kind of person who likes things right, smooth and easy especially when it comes to hosting and have your guest happy?

    Yes No

  7. Or maybe you simply like to have the best and enjoy the best in everything you do?

    Yes No

  8. Have you ever wished to know what to give for a gift knowing they will use it every day and consequently feel grateful and happy because you know you will give the gift that last and helps everybody?

    Yes No

  9. Do you sometimes feel the urge to take away a beverage container from a person’s hands to help him/her to open it and wished to be close to him/her every time, so you can open it again and again and as many times that person needs it?

    Yes No

If any of these questions apply at least once in your life then you really need to try Open Sesame®, knowing that Open Sesame® 3 in 1 bottle opener has a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. This is a relief knowing that you can try it with no risk at all and use it for a full 3 months as much as you like until you can see for yourself if it really helps you. This is what we at Open Sesame are very happy for, because our policy of “happy costumers feel good” is that you only keep it if you like it and if you think it is not helping you and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money, no questions asked. You can call us anytime if you have any questions about any of our bottle openers. We will be very happy to clear any doubts you may have so you can get you new Easy Bottle Opener Open Sesame knowing for sure it is for you to have and use to help you and your loved ones for the rest of your life.

Now you can Feel Good and Happy knowing that Open Sesame is helping you regain control of your daily activities and knowing that you don't have to wait or pray for help and for that reason we have created the best bottle opener special ever, especially for you. You will save not only in the Shipping and Handling but on the Bottle Openers as well because with our limited time special offer  we are going to send you an extra bottle opener completely free. That’s right same s&h and one free extra open sesame so now you can have it everywhere you may need to open a beverage container, water, beer, juice or soda, in your - Car-RV-Pool-Beach-Kitchen-bar-office-night table, you name it, anywhere to be use anytime for any beverage, almost $30 Dollars on savings comparing if you where ordering your Open Sesame® bottle openers individually.

Our Guarantee is Simple... Try Open Sesame in your home for 90 days,  Either you'll love how easy or comfortable it helps you or send it back for a refund, no questions asked. Open Sesame bottle opener has tens of thousands of satisfied customers who already know how easy, fun and foolproof it is to open all different beverages, water, beer, juice or soda with Open Sesame®.

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee it's easy to see if Open Sesame is right for you. You'll love it - or your money back.



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