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Pain in any part of the body is not a pleasant feeling, but suffering from constant ache in the fingers is even less tolerable. After all, you use your fingers and hands for the most simple and common everyday movements. For those who suffer from arthritis in the fingers, this is a cruel reality.

The pain associated with arthritis in the hands and fingers may be from many different sources, all related to a different form of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis: Degenerative condition of specific joints (common in people older than 50)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA): Condition in which your immune system attacks the body’s tissue
  • Gout: Genetic arthritic condition that arises from an excess of monosodiumurate (MSU) in the blood
  • Tendonitis: An aching inflammation of the tendons in the fingers due to trauma or repetitive stress
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: happens when the median nerve, which travels through the wrist from the forearm to the hand becomes pressed or squeezed
  • Raynaud's Phenomenon: When blood vessels in the hands and feet narrow when exposed to cold temperatures

Not every pain in the fingers is caused by a form of arthritis. Consulting a physician is the first step to take when you are experiencing constant pain in the fingers that doesn’t go away with home remedies like ice or hot water, or medications such as acetaminophen. If what you have is arthritis in the fingers, there are many things you can do to control the pain and maintain the functionality of your hands and fingers.

Arthritis in fingers: a magnetic solution
Pills and potions are not the cure all. Physical therapy and a positive, proactive attitude should be an important part of the way you see your arthritis. Using products that will help you improve your quality of life is part of that constructive approach. Open Sesame is, without a doubt, the answer to the prayers of many people suffering from arthritis.
With its 3-in-1 bottle opening functions, Open Sesame easily opens most pull-tabs, twist off plastic caps and metal-capped glass bottles. Even when you are feeling pain due to arthritis in your fingers, you can enjoy that beverage you love or open a bottle of juice for your grandkids or a loved one. Open Sesame makes the task easier, less frustrating and pain-free.

Eat better; feel better
Arthritis can affect the nutritional status of individuals in many ways. People may experience a loss of appetite or overeat due to depression. Along with proper medical care and exercise, a healthy diet is key to diminishing the symptoms of arthritis and to improve your quality of life. If you suffer from arthritis in your fingers, make sure to follow an appropriate nutritional plan that includes antioxidant supplements —specifically vitamins E and C and vitamins B5 and B6, which can help protect cartilage.

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