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In the late 1980s, after watching many people struggle with simple tasks like opening tab cans and twist off bottle caps, we thought, as carpenters, that we could design a solution. After years of trial and error, we perfected the design of Open Sesame —an innovative magnetic 3-in-1 multi-beverage opener. Our first patent was secured in 2001 and then the trademark followed. We began manufacturing Open Sesame in 2004.

We created the opener in the shape of a bottle because it seemed like the perfect match for its intended use. To our delight, we discovered that the curved form helped people with limited hand strength and those who lived with arthritis in hands, fingers or wrists to open bottles and grasp the opener itself with ease.

It has been a very exciting and rewarding journey for us, to be able to bring to the marketplace a product that people love and that makes their lives a little bit easier. In a small way, we feel that we’ve been living the great “American Dream.” We are two young men from South America who met in South Florida and collaborated on providing a superior product.

Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout the years and to our customers for buying Open Sesame and letting us know how much it has enhanced your quality of life. Please keep writing to us and sharing your experiences while using Open Sesame. Your happiness and satisfaction are by far, our best reward.

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