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Product Specials

You couldn’t have asked for more!

Now you can buy Open Sesame, the 3-in-1-bottle opener, easier than ever. This is your opportunity to regain control and feel no pain or strain when doing every day things like opening bottles of your favorite beverages.

If you or someone you love suffers from arthritis in hands, wrists or fingers, our special offers are another reason to pay attention, learn the incredible benefits of Open Sesame, and make a purchase.

When you have Open Sesame at home, you can:

  • Effortlessly open all types of beverage containers in less time the easy way
  • Pull tabs, screw off plastic caps and glass bottle metal caps
  • Never break a nail, bust a tab or fumble with a beverage again.
  • Never stress or dread opening a can of pop, a "cold one" or other containers

Take a look at our special offers, use the coupon, take the opportunity to save and make your life easier. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Special offer for a limited time

3 In 1 Bottle Opener

Get 1 Open Sesame USA Free.

Special Offers

The convenience of shopping online plus this $10 coupon are two great reasons to make the decision now and have Open Sesame at your home or office. Simply print this page (or click on the image of the coupon below) and send the $10 coupon with your payment.

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Coupon - Arthritis Product

More Offers!

We’re always thinking about your convenience and your satisfaction. That is why you’ll always find more offers and specials on our website. To see our products page click here

Large Orders / Volume Discounts

If what you are looking for is to order in bulk, you can be sure we can do that for you. All you have to do contact us for larger or custom orders, or if you have any questions about our distribution.

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Tin Cups Pop Ups Screw Off Tops Magnetic
Tin Cups -Bottle Opener
Pop Ups - Bottle Opener
Screw Off Tops - Bottle Opener
Magnetic Bottle Opener

As easy as saying Open Sesame ®

Flip that Tab...Twist that Cap...Pop that Top

DO IT ALL -- effortlessly and pain free



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3 in 1 Pain Free
Bottle Opener
OpenSesame Bottle Opener
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"I have arthritis in my hands and I cannot open bottles, cans or any type of bottles. I have used OpenSesame and works exceptionally well and with very little effort..View More> "

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