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Ouch! There it is. The pain in your hands when you try to do simple things like holding grocery bags, plant some seeds in your garden or open a bottle of soda. It’s arthritis in your hands. Arthritis is the second most common cause of work disability in the United States, and it is a disease that affects almost forty million people in the country.
But what is arthritis? Simply stated, arthritis is an illness that involves a group of diseases, each with its own cause, symptoms and treatments. However, all of the diseases have some things in common:

  • All affect some part of the joints in the body
  • All produce some kind of inflammation in the affected area
  • All cause pain and in some cases, loss of movement

So, to understand arthritis better it’s also important to know what a joint is and how it works. A joint is any place of the body where two bones meet. There are joints where the bones touch, and others where they don’t. The latter are the joints affected by arthritis. Joints work in a fascinating way, together with other surrounding structures such as muscles, tendons, bursae (small sacs that cushion the tendons), synovial fluid and cartilage, a natural shock absorber.

How arthritis happens in the hands
This joint inflammation commonly happens at the base of the thumb. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the type of disease that affects the hands. In this case, the white blood cells of the immune system attack the joint lining, just like a soldier defends its base camp. Although the origin of this disease is unknown, genetic factors are thought to be critical.

Open Sesame is the ideal product for people with arthritis in their hands. The pain can come and go away, depending on the stage or strength of the disease, but motion range of the hand becomes limited. That is when Open Sesame comes in “handy”. It’s designed with built-in leverage and great "grip and grab" technology to help open each type of beverage with ease, eliminating struggle — no straining or force needed. Easy to store and easy to use, Open Sesame is a product that will rapidly become an intricate part of your life as an arthritis patient.

Exercise and arthritis in hands
People affected with arthritis should exercise regularly. It’s important that you talk to your physician to determine if indeed you suffer from arthritis and the things you need to do —medication, diet and exercise, to live as normally and as fully as you possibly can.
If you have arthritis pain in your hands, keep your hands nimble by doing regular finger and hand exercises. Without exceeding your limitations, you can do simple exercises, like opening and closing your hands back and forth in a fist, to ease arthritis pain and stiffness. A good tip is to soak your hands in warm water before exercising. This will make it easier for you to move your joints.

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