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Why do you say “pain-free” opening?
Many people don’t have difficulty opening beverage bottles and cans. However, those who live with arthritis in their hands, fingers and wrists or those who have limited hand strength do find opening beverages difficult. The comfortable, curved design of Open Sesame makes it easier for that population —and anyone else to perform these everyday tasks. This opener grabs and grips the cap, eliminating pain and strain.
Open Sesame’s design benefits everyone from children to senior citizens. It makes opening bottles and cans easy, practical and free of pain and strain!

What makes Open Sesame different?
The Open Sesame easy bottle opener combines the three most common types of beverage openers into one easy-to-use product. You can:

• Use Open Sesame to open metal bottle caps, aluminum pull tabs and the plastic, screw-off bottle tops.

• Place it on a metal surface thanks to its magnetic back, making it easy to find and reach.

• Have a pain-free experience and use less effort thanks to the innovative shape of Open Sesame, which grabs and grips the cap.

Why would I want to buy more than one Open Sesame?
Think about all the places you have opened a bottle or a can at and you’ll have the answer to this question. Open Sesame is such a convenient tool that you should have one in every place where opening a bottle or a can is a possibility, from the kitchen or bar area at your home to your office, your RV and car. In addition, we offer savings on multiple purchases and Open Sesame makes a great gift!

Why does Open Sesame make a great gift?
Anyone can use a little help. Practical, useful presents are always welcome at any home, for any occasion. Just as the creators of this tool discovered, you don’t know who will find a new favorite tool in Open Sesame. We learned that people with arthritis in hands, fingers and wrists found great help in Open Sesame. Just think of all the people you know and what they do. You’ll find plenty Open Sesame potential users:

• For someone with hand/strength problems, it’s most appreciated.
• For fisherman, hunters, boaters, and outdoors men, it’s most useful.
• For soda and beer fans, it’s most appropriate.
• For bottle and opener collectors, it’s most ideal.
• For someone who has everything, it’s most unique.
• For teachers or office colleagues, it’s most affordable.
• For neighbors and friends, it’s most helpful.

Does Open Sesame have any warranty?
Yes! It has a lifetime warranty — no questions asked. Should it break for any reason, we will replace it free of charge. Simply return your damaged Open Sesame opener, along with your original invoice and $4.95 to cover shipping and handling. Please make your check payable to Pixie LLC and send to:

Warranty Department
Pixie LLC
1585 East 11 Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010

Does Open Sesame work on every water and soda plastic top?
We estimate that Open Sesame will work well on more than 80% of all USA bottle tops.

Does the size of the plastic bottle matter?

No. Most bottles use the same standard top.

How does it work on aluminum cans?
Simply slid the aluminum tab securely into the slot at the top of your Open Sesame easy bottle opener and lift it up. You don’t have to tug on the tab or even touch it. Open Sesame does the hard work for you.

Does it work with all aluminum cans?
Yes. You can use it with any soda or beer aluminum pop up tab. Please make sure the tab is completely inserted into the opener before lifting it up.

Does Open Sesame open metal caps too?
Yes. It’s ideal for opening the metal caps on glass soda and beer bottles.

How does the magnet work?
There are three magnets on the back of the opener. This gives it enough strength to hold well on most metal surfaces. For easy removal from the metal surface, we suggest that you place the Open Sesame easy bottle opener near the edge of your refrigerator or other metal surface. Then, just slide your Open Sesame to the edge and lift off. It won’t scratch or hurt the surface.

How is Open Sesame easy bottle opener made?
It’s crafted from high quality materials including chrome-plated steel on the back and a durable polycarbonate (strong plastic) front. It’s so well made and strong that we rest assure this will be the best and last bottle opener you’ll ever need.

Do I need instructions on how to use Open Sesame?
While you probably do not, we’ve included instructions and diagrams on the package to illustrate the three separate uses. Also, you can visit our web page and view the short demonstration video.

How do I know for sure that my purchase went through?
You will immediately receive a confirmation receipt for your purchase via email. If you do not receive this confirmation email, it means your order did not go through.
Please make sure the information you provide matches exactly the information the credit card company has on file. This will avoid denials and problems with the order. Try resubmitting your order and verify all the information. If you continue having a problem, simply send us an e-mail to: Info@OpenSesameUSA.com

How long will it take for me to receive my OPEN SESAME order?
Once your order has been confirmed, you can expect your order to arrive within 2 weeks. We use standard shipping through the United States Post Office.

Can I get rush delivery for my order?

Of course! There is a separate button on the order page to add rush shipping. For an additional low fee of $2.99, we will process your entire order and have it in the mail within 1 - 2 business days. PLUS, if you order 2 or more OPEN SESAME products, your order will be shipped via Priority Mail, which typically arrives within 1 to 3 business days after processing.

Can I place an order of Open Sesame openers if I don't have a credit card?
Yes, absolutely! All you need to do is read the information about the product(s) you want. Then, send us a letter including a detail description of your order and a check for the total amount (including shipping and handling). Please make the check payable to Pixie, L.L.C., and mail to:

Pixie LLC
1585 East 11 Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010

NOTE: Florida Residents please add 7% applicable sales tax.

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